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ISBN 978-09545944-80
Number of pages: 262


    • Your Oxbridge application check list
    • The very latest interview tips
    • Key admissions data


Nervous about Oxbridge, but want to give yourself the best chance? This tried-and-trusted guide helps students from all backgrounds. Unsure what's so special about the two universities? Need to know whether all their colleges are alike? Doubt you'd fit in socially or can afford to study in a lovely place like that? Wonder how to make best use of an Oxbridge visit? The answers are here.

Parents may have concerns of their own. Which degree subjects are most sensible? And if you only graduated from the university of life, will Oxbridge still want your child? Bright students and their families often end up with the wrong answers.

Here you learn how to pick the course and college that suit YOU best. There is smart advice on A-levels, tests, grants and UCAS statements. A strong focus on academic prep will enable you to juggle course-linked ideas. Extra space is given to the most popular courses, PPE, Economics, English and Medicine. You'll know what to read and how to answer tough questions.

A new "Oxbridge Application Checklist" and the very latest interview tips put success within the reach of able candidates from all backgrounds. With the authorís help, even the interview becomes an occasion to shine, rather than a nightmare.

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