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Elfi Pallis has successfully mentored students aiming for Oxbridge for over a decade. She also runs advice sessions for teachers and parents on how to help able young people from all backgrounds prepare for its admissions process. As a journalist, academic researcher and media producer, she created a number of programmes on education and still writes on it for, amongst others, The Guardian.

Pallis decided to explore the Oxbridge entrance process after editing the London quarterly of the National Association for Gifted Children and running workshops for poor but gifted pupils. She had been shocked to find that even the very brightest did not usually reach either Oxford or Cambridge. After extensive research and interviews conducted with Oxbridge students and staff, she wrote her family guide, Oxbridge Entrance: The Real Rules.

The author has closely followed both the official and the actual admissions process ever since, helped by advice from sympathetic Oxbridge tutors. By also drawing on the Oxbridge experiences of the schools and students she works with, she enables even readers without any university connections to prepare in the right way.

Since the guide's first edition appeared in 2003, Pallis has received a steady flow of thank-you posts from delighted readers. They would never have got into Oxford or Cambridge without her book, they insist. Some would not even have considered applying. However, after following its advice, all are now thriving at Oxbridge both academically and socially.